This Auckland Santa statue is low key a dig at Simon Bridges and we love it

News 29/11/2018

The newest Ponsonby Central Santa has been ERECTED - and this year cheekily dressed as Mary Poppins, complete with umbrella (blunt of course) carpet bag and fishnet stockings.

While the Mary Poppins-inspired Santa statue has been planned since earlier this, the coincidental timing to fit with ol' Bridges' comments during an interview with The AM Show on Monday is pretty funny. During the interview, he told viewers he was "okay" with Santa jobs only being given to men.

EDIT: The statue is infact paying homage to the recent release of Emily Blunt's revamp of Mary Poppins which has just hit theatres this month.

Traditionally, Ponsonby Central's Santa has always been a little out the gate, The Ponsonby Central Santa has always erred on the untraditional side. In 2014, he channelled Marilyn Monroe with an up-skirting of his famous red coat while in 2016, he sported lycra, covering his crotch and posing with a bike to support Auckland Transport.

We love Ponsonby's stand on it, whether intentional or not!