This legend spent his student loan money on billboards asking Kanye West to hire him

Kanye 14/05/2018

A lot of people might argue that going to university can be a waste of time, and entering into a pool of debt for the sake of an education isn't this greatest idea.

Well, apparently this guy might've hacked it? (We say this very loosely).

22 year-old London student, Harry Dry, has spent his student loan on the most unconventional career bid we've ever heard of.

Harry had an idea to use his government money for something more 'useful' in trying to get a job. He spent his student loan on billboards asking Kanye West to hire him.

The billboards cost $6,900 in total ($9,899 NZD), which was paid for in a combination of both University Maintenance Loan (which is used as an accomadation supplement for students in the UK), and money Harry saved from his job as a freelance web developer.

Funnily enough, this is the same guy that created a Yeezy dating site, so to say he's a fan is an understatement.

When he launched the billboards, he also launched an accompanying site called Phone Me Kanye West, which is what his billboards also state.

We admire this guys' ingenuity, but he might be in a lil trouble when the UK's tax agency finds out.