Two genius punters managed to sneak into a festival in a high vis and a wheelie bin

festival 26/07/2018

You've probably heard enough about Splendour but we're going to hit with some absolute gold, once again.

Most of our bank accounts take a massive pounding come festival season, it's depressing, but these guys have hacked the system and managed to get into a festival for free.

YouTube hero, Michael Fallon and his mate, conjured a genius plan to sneak into Australia's Splendour In The Grass over the weekend... And it actually worked.

His mate donned a high vis, steel caps, and some other various tradie gear, pretending to pick rubbish, while Fallon himself slipped into a wheelie bin. This was then rolled in by the mate and no questions asked. Straight into Splendour they went. Simple as that.

We aren't encouraging any of you guys to try this, but shit, we've got to give these guys a round of applause. Check out the full vid above!


Remember: this is illegal so do not try this at your local. But if you do, send us the vid.