WARNING: A toxic chemical found in paint is currently being sold as MDMA

Drugs 29/08/2018

Festival after festival are popping off in the northern hemisphere at the moment, and with all that come the related drug warnings. Whether it's dangerous batches or just absolute duds, the word is bound to get out.

The latest serious warning has come from UK police comes after both Creamfields and Manchester Pride.

Scientists from the Manchester Drug Analysis & Knowledge Exchange have issued warnings after substances being sold as MDMA were actually MMMP, a chemical found in inks and in coloured coatings.

There is a large concern from scientists and organisers, as the chemical's affects on humans is largely unknown (but what is known is how toxic it is to both fish and the environment).

The crystalised form of it looks very similar to MDMA, and many festival goers could easily mistake it for MDMA without questioning it.

Always be careful when partaking in recreational drugs.



If you're every in a situation where something goes wrong, call 111.