Wellington fork-lifting company are on the hunt for 'Fortnite players' for a new gig

Tech 20/08/2018

Scrap the licence lads, this Welly based fork-lifting company are on the hunt for 'Fortnite players'.

Fortnite's popularity has prompted a warning about the dangers of addiction. 

Fortnite players: do you need some more cash to purchase some in-game V-Bucks?

Well, one Wellington company might have the job for you - as long as you're willing to put down the PlayStation controller and work full time.

Nexus Recruitment has advertised a job on Trade Me marketed at Fortnite players who may be "sick of running around picking up things on the screen by hand" and "only being able to hold so many items at once".

While the official job is not listed, successful applicants will work as a forklift operator in the Wellington license.

Being able to work productively in a 'squad' as well as in 'solo mode' is also an advantage 

If this sounds like you and your gaming console can have time to cool down, apply today.

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