When live TV catches Nehe Milner-Skudder patero shamelessly in the locker room mid-match

funny shit 09/07/2018

Hurricanes player, Nehe Milner-Skudder, has been caught red-handed letting off some wind mid-match during the Hurricanes game VS the Blues on Saturday night.

In a hilariously timed camera switch, live to the lockeere rooms, Skudder is seen letting one rip, and then proceeding to wave it away. Not even subtle there boy.

In response to being caught out, he jokingly said,

To be honest, I was just practicing my flick pass before getting out there for the second half...

He also said his phone had been blowing up when he checked it after the game. He checked his messages, thinking it was because he hadn't played that well, but infact it was just a bunch of friends and whanau calling him out for farting in the locker room.

He shared it on his own socials hoping everyone would see the funny said which it looks like they have. Fans have even suggested he change his nickname from "Skuds" to "Skids"... LOL.

At least he's got no shame!