Woman eats raw squid, accidentally gets her tongue impregnated

nsfw 07/06/2018

A woman in Korea was eating a batch of raw squid when she felt an extremely sharp pain on her tongue. What it ended up being was pretty revolting.

As a little bit of background, the way a male squid impregnates a female one is by leaving a spermatophore (sack of sperm) on the female, which then essentially turns into a bunch of baby squid. Wow, the miracle of life.

So while this woman was eating the raw squid, the spermatophore was deposited on to none other than her TONGUE.

So basically when she bit into the squid, the sperm tried to attach itself to the inside of her mouth, causing a really sharp pain throughout.

After visiting the hospital, the doctors said they found "12 small, white spindle-shaped, bug-like" sperms in there. She spoke of how it felt like a bunch of litlle bugs biting at her mouth.

Even after spitting it out she could still feel the pain.

This would've happened because the internal organs of the squid had not been removed. 

The woman has made a full recovery from the incident, but dear we say she won't be eating any mollusks any time soon.