You thought you'd seen it all with 'Sharknado'? There's now 'Clownado' on the way

movie 09/11/2018

You’ve heard of Sharknado… get ready for Clownado…

Apart from ‘nado’ in the name, that’s about the only common string attached.

The Sharknado franchise seemed to really hit it off with the audience due six movies being made. The latest attempt of a film so crap that it seems absolutely fab.

Let’s go Clownado….

Or not…

If you’ve got that phobia like many of us that clowns are f**king scary.

Welll, this may not be the film for you.

Even the trailer looks gory AF and as one of the characters says… “What the hell is going on?...”

Same sis…

To be honest this trailer is really confusing and basically just a tornado of clowns eating people and living up to the stereotype of clowns being one of the scariest characters to have been made up.

Check it out for yaself!

Written by George Contributor Molly Kirkbride.