10 burger joints you need to get yourself to asap

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It's International Burger Day on the 23rd August and what's a better way then to dig your teeth into a mouth watering burger.

What's even better, if you're stuck on where to go, us here at George want to help make the decision easy for you and have pulled together our top 5 burger joints & recommended pick from the menu to either help whittle that decision down to one or if you're that way inclined then just try them all.


1. Better Burger (recommended by Dan Aux from George FM Drive)

These guys are recommended for their simplicity. They literally only have four burgers on the menu and the burgers themselves are simple as well.

The four to choose from is your classic Hamburger, Cheeseburger, Double Cheeseburger & Mushroom Burger.

They also have extras such as Bacon, crumbed mushrooms etc. if you want to take a simple burger to the next level.

2. BurgerFuel (recommended by Haylee Clarke from the office)

With 'Engineering the Ultimate Burger' as their motto you can be guaranteed that you are in for a treat at BurgerFuel.

These guys have an extensive menu, and along with that they also bring out 'limited-time' burgers that they add to mix.

The top pick, however, would have to be a Bacon Backfire. Made with free-range grilled chicken breast and topped with tasty bacon, melted brie, salad, relish & their free-range BurgerFuel aioli this is for sure to go down a treat.

3. McDonald's (recommended by Sin Howard from George FM Nights & Lee Gilmour from the office)

Ah, McDonald's. It's the trusty ole favourite where you can't go wrong as they certainly deliver on the 'fast' in fast food.

The recommendation would be to go with their world famous Big Mac burger however for those with a smaller appetite then the Filet-O-Fish is a good one to wrap your mouth around.

4. Fokker Bros (recommended by Hamish Crocker from Saturday Revival)

They reckon they make the best burgers in Auckland and George FM's very own burger connoisseur, Hamish Crocker agrees.

Fokker Bros like to think that gourmet fast-food should be exciting so they've developed twists on most loved food like their 'frenchie' burger made with a maple-glazed donut instead of a bun plus so many more twists.

Their new signature Bacon Mac 'N' Cheese, however, is the winner from their menu. Made with freshly ground beef patties, maple bacon, five-cheese macaroni, coleslaw, crispy onions & Fokker sauce this is one burger that will leave you feeling satisfied.

And if you don't quite think you've got the appetite to down the Bacon Mac 'N' Cheese, then the Funky Chicken is also a great go to. Made with free-range chicken that is coated in buttermilk batter it is then topped with tomatoes, lettuce & their famous ranch dressing.

5. Little Easy (recommended by Ultan Burke from Our:House Radio)

These guys bring the pub love from way back with their a pub menu packed full of goodness.

There's a number of burgers to choose from but the recommendation would be to go with the Mac Daddy with Ultan himself giving this burger a solid 12/10.

Packed with a beef patty, bacon jam, mac 'n' cheese croquette, pickles, house-made mushroom aioli & tomato sauce you definitely can't go wrong with this mouth-watering burger.

6. Bacon Brothers (recommended by General Lee from George Days)

They're the new kids on the block and are already delivering the goods with only being open a few months.

The Big Jim is the one to aim for on their menu and is guaranteed to leave you feeling satisfied.

7. Jemimas Kitchen (recommended by Kara Rickard from George Breakfast)

Jemimas Kitchen is all about fresh, seasonal, quality street food that you can take away. 

The menu changes on a regular basis so with this spot it is all about choosing on the day but we can vouch that you will not leave disappointed.

8. Burger Geek (recommended by Rachel Waugh from the office and Benny Boy Walker)

Burger Geek is all about not taking shortcuts when it comes to food and they ensure only the best cuts of meat are used in their burgers that they freshly ground on site each day.

Top pick would be to go with the Mustang burger filled with buttermilk fried chicken, coleslaw, cheese & kimchi aioli.

9. Burger Burger (recommended by Willy Macalister from the office)

At Burger Burger they're all about making simple, honest burgers.

They have a pretty extensive burger menu but if you're stuck for choice then go with The Kiwi Classic which includes a beef patty, aged cheddar, pickles, lettuce, tomato, fried egg, beetroot, tomato jam, mustard & mayonnaise - delicious!

10. Big J's (recommended by Rangi from Saturday Revival)

 It's not fancy, it's sits in the heart of Mt Wellington in one of those suburban blocks of shops, the ones with a dairy, a bottle store and a fish n chippie - but it's damn good and one of the worst kept Burger secrets in Auckland.

If you've never been before, check out their Burger of the Week on their Facebook, it changes weekly and is ALWAYS worth a look, try it with the chips and gravy. Never just try to walk in off the street, always, make a phone order. 2 hour waits during peak burger times are not unheard of and at times and sometimes, they just have to stop taking orders because they're that busy. Fancy place? Nah. Damn good burgers? Hell yes.

WILD CARD BONUS BURGER: Carl's Jr (recommended by the web girl, Tegan)

Carl's Jr provide the most hearty, American style burgers of a lot of fast food joints, at a totally affordable price.

Every burger on the menu is an absolute monster, and a personal favourite is definitely the Western Bacon Angus Beef Burger. It's got beef, bacon, cheese, onion rings, and more beef. What more can you ask for?