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Why attending music festivals is great for your overall health

Out and About 14/08/2018

Music festivals, they're one of the things that get you frothing about summer.

But now to bring an even bigger smile to your face, did you know that attending them can actually be great for your overall health.

According to researchers, there are a few benefits. The first benefit is they found that festival-goers overall had lower stress responses being produced in peoples bodies. In the study, they tested for the stress hormone cortisol before, during and after the event and interesting enough as the event went on they noticed the reduction in stress levels.

Another great health benefit is the number of calories one would burn. On average, a festival-goer burn 9000 calories and walks over 24kms across a three-day music festy. 

Lastly is the experience of live music and the therapy benefit it has. Music therapy is used around the world to help those who are suffering or who have suffered from dementia, stroke and autism. Studies show that people who have participated in this type of therapy have seen a decrease in pain, an improvement in general mood and higher energy levels.

So if you're contemplating on attending a music festival this summer, you might want to lock it in for sure. Just think about how good you'll feel at the end of it with the added bonus of some great memories that will last a lifetime.