Things to pack for whatever new years gig you're heading to

Out and About 18/12/2018

As we head into the last couple of weeks before our favourite time of year, New Years festy season, a few of you rookies may be wondering what you can and can't pack. We've put together a few tips for ya'll so you don't slip up at the festy gates or get yourself into any trouble, or have forgotten something vital.

And remember: this is not one of those risk it to get the biscuit situations. Be safe and responsible when entering.

Packing Do's:

This is the stuff you need to take but maybe hadn't really thought about.
  • Clothes for every season

In the beautiful Gisborne, the weather can quickly turn from #FijiGoals to terrential monsoon rains, so make sure you've got everything from ya festy crops tops and slides, to your Warehouse fat pants and some old hoodies. You never know what will go down.

  • Wet wipes

    You may not get time for a shower somedays... so you'll need plenty of these.

  • Plenty of deoderant

    Don't be that guy, stay as fresh as you can while in and out of the mosh pit! 

  • Lots of water (maximum of 6 bottles unopened pp.)

    Nobody wants to buy water so try bring your own. But only 6 bottles unopened are     allowed in the grounds of most festivals.  

  • Chewing gum

    For fresh breath, OBVIOUSLY.

  • Snacks

    Don't spend all your money buying hot chips at the festival, stock up on plenty of     little snacks and bits of fruit to keep your body wokring during the massive bender.

  • Plenty of undies

    Pack so many, like as if you were going to shit yourself every second day.            

Packing Don'ts:

This is the stuff you either shouldn't bother taken or you actually aren't ALLOWED to take, so listen up.

  • Mirrors over 10cm in diameter

    No glass is permitted at most festivals, so even something as simple as a mirror can     be confiscated. Make sure it's nice and small and you're good to go.

  • Aerosol cans (of any kind)

    Whether it's some hairspray, dry shampoo or some deoderant spray, aerosols are     NOT allowed in your baggage. 

  • Alcohol

    Festivals these days ARE NOT BYO. You can't take any alcohol regardless so don't     even bother buying anything... even if just to leave in your car. You will get caught     and you will get in trouble. Not worth it team. Not even if you're mate Jimmy snuck     it in "real easy" one year. It just ain't worth it.

  • Sharp objects    

    Things like scissors, knives, or anything of the like are a big no. Just leave them at     home, I don't think any of you need to cut your toe nails that bad over a short time     period.

  • A bad attitude

    Leave shouty Sam and crying Sam at home - come to the festival on your best     behaviour but still be ready to have a good time!

    They will not hesitate to kick you out if you play up and you don't wana be "that     guy/girl" in your friend group who ruins it for everyone. 

    Just have fun!