We hit up a before work morning rave and it was actually cool AF

Out and About 17/09/2018

If you're an Auckland or Wellington local and haven't heard of Morning People, buckle up because you're in for a treat.

What is Morning People you might ask? Well, it's a pretty cool concept. Imagine going to a rave just as lit as the one you went to on Saturday night, except it's on a Wednesday morning at 6am before work.

Curiousity set in here at the George office when we first heard about the unlikely little gig, so we decided to attend one to see what all the fuss was about, especially when we found out that Dan Aux was set to play at the next event.

Whammy Bar on Karangahape Rd are the Auckland hosts behind Morning People and as explained on their site,

Morning People are morning rave aficionados - sending you into the day with a big grin and endorphins to burn.

The only prerequisite for attending is to chuck on some gym gear and make sure you're ready for a boogie!

As the George crew headed down to check it out, we didn't really know what to expect. Would this be awkwardly empty? What kind of people would be down there? Would everyone actually be sober?

The answers to those questions are that the place was absolutely packed, everyone was dancing like nobody was watching, and the get ups involved went from "Les Mills 6am class" to "just got off the plane from Burning Man" (there were several pairs of sparkly leggings).

With an epic mix, Dan Aux kept the punters groovin' creating a whole blacked out room full of frothers.

If you wanna give his Morning People mix a listen, see it here.

The Morning People event kicks off every Wednesday morning in Auckland at Whammy Bar, 6:30am, and every second Tuesday morning in Wellington at Club 121, 6:30am.

The whole George crew would 10/10 recomend this gig for those who aren't afraid to cut some shapes while they're sober, and it's a great alternative for a morning class at the gym.

Head here to find out anymore info and see who's playing at the next gig!

Watch the vid up top for a lil snippet of what to expect.