What to do in Auckland when the weather is average AF

Out and About 25/11/2018

After a lil taste of summer was robbed from us - and Auckland is experiencing some of the worst weather pre-silly season… What the fuck else is there to do when we can’t go on scenic walks and cheeky beach dates?

We asked both you guys and the George office what some of their best suggestions were for keeping busy in really average weather. Here’s the suggestions. They're fairly average at best.

1. “Look for flights to Fiji.”

Suggested by Ultan Burke from Otosan.

Download the Grabaseat app or desperately head to a Flight Centre to find some cheaps flights to anywhere but here. Go somewhere where it’s summer all the time.

2. "Binge watch some Netflix you haven’t already watched."

Suggested by Chanel from the office.

With the likes of new seasons of The Sinner, Narcos:Mexico, House of Cards and heaps more, there’s plenty of intense thriller type series worth a binge.

If you haven’t seen the previous seasons of these shows, there’s even more of it to consume! November on Netflix is literally binge central. Check out the full list of must-see here.

3. Do a Spring Clean

Oh look at that? It's raining. You have nothing to do. Why not use that time and be productive and do a big ol' Spring Clean!

We know you've been putting this off for months now, and there's several areas of your bedroom and lounge gathering more dust than you when you wake up on a Sunday morning after Crate Day.

Get the gloves on and do a massive clear out. You can thank us later.

4. "Move to Welly"

Suggested by the online girl Tegan

You just can’t beat Welly on a good day.

5. Go bowling or try your hand at mini-golf

Suggested by Rachel from the office.

Although this may seem like an obvious option - it’s fairly underrated. Auckland’s got some of the coolest recreational places that are just as pleasing for your instagram aesthetic.

With either Holey Moley or Dr. Rudis as the perfect location to both drink AND get a lil competitive with mates, there’s no excuse to think there’s nothing to do when it’s a bit rainy.

6. Brace the rain and go for a hoon on a Lime Scooter

Suggested by several listeners.

Lime Scooters are definitely the most fun thing Auckland has to offer since the girl you used to bang changed her Netflix password, and you’re still kinda offended by it even though ya’ll haven’t seen each other for months.

For a few cheeky bucks you can hoon around the block, and funnily enough the surface water left from all the rain over the past few days just makes skids/donuts a lot easier to accomplish.

Make an epic ride compilation video and hashtag it #ridindirty to give all your mates stying inside major FOMO.

7. Have a gym sesh

It's not too late to get amongst that summer shred, and with a bit of shitty weather, there's honestly no excuse as to why your rig shouldn't be in good shape. 

There's less to do today, so spend an extra hour on the weights/do more cardio than you normally would accomplish. You'll come out feeling amazing.

And hey, a cheeky gym seflie never hurt nobody. Let everyone know you were there. Especially the person you've been throwing spades at recently, but hasn't replied to your last DM. They'll appreciate it. We hope.