'Grand Theft Auto VI' could be coming in hot and heading back to Vice City

Tech 07/03/2018

Grand Theft Auto was probably the biggest game franchise of your pubescence but would you believe Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is 16 years old?!

Word on the street is that there's another GTA game in the works and theirs rumours of a potential location and release date.

YouTube channel TheKnow suggested that the new GTA game could be set to come out in a few years; 2021 or 2022, and the location will be set yet again in Vice City and South America.

Rockstar Games, the makers of GTA, haven't released a new game from the franchise since 2013, so it's definitely well overdue.

The guys from TheKnow have had this sort of revelation previously too. They predicted Dark Souls III correctly before that happened.

Rockstar Games are pretty secretive when it comes to making games and rarely ever have information leaks, so this won't be fully confirmed until it comes from the horse's mouth!