Samsung's new NZ$3000 folding phones are breaking within days

Tech 18/04/2019

Got $3000 burning a hole in your pocket? It may be wise to steer clear of Samsung's new phone.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold - set to sell for US$2000 (NZ$2974) appear to be lasting just a couple of days before they're no good.

A handful of journalists who received the phones early said the phone's screen started flickering and turning black shortly after use.

Two journalists removed a protective layer from the screens that was not meant for removal - but those that kept the layer on also ran into issues.

The phone was "completely unusable" after two days according to CNBC reporter Todd Haselton, while Bloomberg's Mark Gurman shared images of his screen almost entirely blacked out.

This isn't the first time Samsung have had issues, the company's release of the Galaxy Note 7 phone in 2016 saw devices recalled due to batteries literally catching fire.