A music tech company made an audio interface for women that's actually sorta sexist

Tech 07/11/2018

As seen recently, electronic dance music is becoming even more of a female dominated space than ever before, and we're loving every minute of it. It's especially cool to see that companies within the industry are trying to cater to their female counterparts in whatever way they can.

Something that has disappointed a lot of people though, is a brand new audio interface that tech company MIDIPLUS has announced they will be releasing called MIRROR.

Although we can admire the effort they were attempted to put in to appeal to females, it's fallen pretty flat. 

Take a look at it and see why.

The software, as you can see, has been made to mimic a make up palette because ya know... every girl in the world totally loves make up!

What most people took from this was that the company was implying that all other devices are made for men, and that MIDIPLUS felt the need to design something specifically for women. 

Well, that could be a pretty far-fetched assumption, but we still think that's a fair enough point. It's not just that they felt the need to design a "female audio interface", it's that they assume all females are into make up.

Some girls don't fuck with make up. As well as the fact there's heaps of guys who are into make up too. Perhaps if the software was marketed just as a new interface with a mirror, rather than a girl-friendly one, the backlash wouldn't have been as severe.

Here's the mark here....




They totally missed it.