Some legend sussed how to get the old Snapchat back

Tech 15/02/2018

A Twitter user has discovered the way to return Snapchat to the previous layout, instead of this really shit new version.

Clare James posted the simple steps to reversing the update on the iPhone version of the app on Friday.

"PSA: how to reverse the Snapchat update," she wrote.

Here are Ms James' instructions to remove the update:

  1. Delete app
  2. Settings > iTunes and App store > turn off automatic updates
  3. Re-download Snapchat
  4. Type in email then hit forgot password
  5. Choose to forget and reset via phone. Get code, type it in, change password
  6.  Login and it's back to the old one

The update was released in early 2017 and has been widely condemned on social media for moving the stories feature to a different screen.

Twitter users have called it confusing, annoying and one of the worst things to have ever happened to them.