Soon Facebook will let you have a song on your profile because ya know, very necessary

Tech 25/10/2018

Facebook has decided they're going to add another feature to your profile that is totally unnecassary but also necessary AF at the same time?

Get ready for being able to add a song to your profile, just so you can let everyone know you're on that new Macky Gee track before ANYONE else.

Many are comparing the new feature to the ancient days of MySpace, where you could have your fave track (probably Fall Out Boy's latest) playing on your profile for anyone who visited.

Above is how the track player is going to look.

Whether it's what you're into right now or just your favoruite EDM anthem, it's just another way you can make your profile more you!

Facebook is yet to announce when they'll push the feature out, but best you get prepared for the roll out so you've got your best tracks ready to go.