George FM's Spring Break Vanuatu


If you want to buy tickets - there's less than 15 seats left, use the code 'LASTCHANCE' at to access final tickets.

Listen to George FM for your chance to win your way there - 8am, 11am, 4pm, 7pm weekdays.

Spring Break Experience Vanuatu is for those that enjoy the more luxurious side of life! Vanuatu is the most stylish Spring Break Experience and you're going to love every second!

Beyond the partying at the fully chartered luxury resort and Blue Lagoon: Vanuatu, with its French heritage, is incredible!

From the local produce, to zip lining, horse treks, underwater post box, to the all terrain buggies and snorkeling into the cockpit of WW2 plane wreck and Vanuatu hospitality and culture this place is second to none!

Vanuatu has a touch of class you wont find on any other trip! Exclusive luxury resort with a surf break out front, incredible food, incredible activities, cultural experience and a stunning amount of partying day and night.

When you secure your spot on Spring Break Vanuatu you will receive:

  • Return Flights to Auckland
  • All your transfers
  • 5 nights accommodation
  • Monthly Installment Plan
  • Exclusive Resort Takeover
  • Non-stop entertainment
  • Top Tier Artists
  • Video & Photography Team

Prices start at $1,599

Only 160 spots available. Text SPRING to 966 to get your VIP Code