Douchebags make bank selling ground up paracetamol as cocaine at festivals
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Douchebags make bank selling ground up paracetamol as cocaine at festivals

Yes, this is something that actually happens.

Ground up paracetamol getting pawned off as coke. Yes. This is something that actually happens. 

Earlier this year, Vice interviewed a pair who got away with this shit in Norway. They made enough cash money to cover their festival experiences and walked away with over $2,000 NZD. 

Why? Cause they couldn't afford to go to the Roskilde festival and were feeling pretty fomo about the whole thing.

All transparency, the line up was ridiculous, with the likes of Action Bronson, LCD Soundsystem, Tame Impala, Anderson .Paak, Future, Neil Young, Gramatik, M0, Vince Staples, Tenacious D, Odesza, Mac Demarco, Grimes, Chvrches and Red Hot Chili Peppers headlining.

Line-up, shmime-up - ripping happy festy-goers off with cocaine-posing panadol... that's cooked mate.

Was it hard to pawn off? 

Apparently it was actually buying the panadol in bulk that was the hardest part, cause people wanted to know why they were buying so much of the drug.   

The pair explained: 

"Some potential customers wanted to sample the merchandise and we let them do that. Many people know that cocaine can leave you with a sense of numbness on your tongue and gums, but that can also be the stuff it's cut with. We turned that around and said, "Look, this isn't cut with all kinds of crap. That's why your gums aren't turning numb. But give it a second – this is good shit!" We had a couple of suspicious buyers here and there, but then there's always a mate standing close by pressuring them like, "Come on, we've been looking to score for ages. Just get it already!" 

Savage. Read the full interview here

Let that be a lesson to us all. Don't do drugs kids. And if that doesn't work for you, buy yourselves a drug testing kit, before you get ganked...

**Side note, I (Ro the web girl) couldn't find any photos of crushed paracetamol online, so had to improvise. Turns out paracetamol is bloody hard to crush, hence the obnoxious rocks in the picture above... bugger putting that shit up your nose.