10 of Johnny Danger's best moments and why we loved him
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10 of Johnny Danger's best moments and why we loved him

A small tribute to the icon, Johnny 'Danger' Bennett.

The video above was filmed on 18th October 2017 when Johnny Danger visited the George FM studio.

After the incredibly sad news yesterday that Johnny 'Danger' Bennett had passed away in motorcycle crash, we decided to compile together some of Johnny's best moments over the past few years, and why we love Johnny Fucking Danger.

1. When he got done for taxi surfing across the Auckland Harbour bridge.

Although an extremely stupid idea, this is one of the first things that garnered him some of his online popularity. He was apologetic for the act, but still managed to make a joke out of it and we love that.

2. The swig that started it all.

Popularly known as the 'Danger Swig', Johnny came up with a way to sip your beer that would revolutionise binge drinking culture. If you're not swigging, are you even on the piss with the boys?

10 of Johnny Danger's best moments and why we loved him

3. His f*cking hilarious license photos!

The man had an obsession with coming up with the best license photos, ever! Every time he got the chance for a new pic, he took upon himself as a new challenge in making it funnier than the last. Here's a few of them:


No explanation needed.

5. All his on going jokes

Johnny always kept his gags consistent, whether it be his mate always saying "Shot eh Johnny", yelling out PAPER MOON everytime he went past it, or just him dancing to 'Mask Off' in various public places.

Here's one of our personal faves; his girlfriend's possesive poodle. 

6. When he made his own f*cking beer!

Danger Lager was the beer we never thought we needed, but so glad we now have. In the frist week of release, stores would sell out in minutes. 

We'll all be raising our Danger Lager in honour of the genius behind it from now on.

7. Always making sure his swag is in check.

Another Johnny Danger original, the 'Swag Check', which consisted of checking yourself out in the mirror, and giving yourself a nod of approval followed by an "EEARRH" given you're all ready to go.

8. He was an absolute menace at the gym

I mean, if this guy's sense of humour wasn't #goals enough, he was also every dude's dream at the gym. 

He was massive, and could do every trick push up you can think of. He was never shy of showing us how it was done.

9. He got his own f*cking MTV show?!

With how massive he became online, what better thing to do than give the man his own TV show?

MTV shot a small comedy series that everybody went absolutely nuts for. With four mini episodes that truely showed the essence of who Johnny Danger was, the show was another massive win in his career.   

10. The guy ACTUALLY gave a fuck.

If you were a follower of Johnny for a long time, you'll know he was never shy in reaching out to his fans who were struggling. 

Whether it be visits to the hospital, buying shit loads of food to donate to City Mission over the Christmas period, or just messaging back to a fan who's come to him with a problem, Johnny was always there. 

Despite his 'munter' exterior, he was an extremely humble person who really gave a shit about his fans.

Although there's so much more about the legend that is Johnny Danger that we love and want to show off, any one of you that followed him already know it all. 

The guy had an almost cult-like following, and has become a true icon down under.

Next time you wrangle up the boys (or girls), make sure you look in mirror, give yourself an "Eaarh", knock your neck back as you take a swig of beer and yell out a massive HELL FARRKIN YEAH HAWWW in memory of him.

Rest easy, brother.