Rants 'n Raves with Brook: Solo dining is the height of finding inner peace
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Rants 'n Raves with Brook: Solo dining is the height of finding inner peace

"It's just you, your tucker and your stained white shirt, ya grubby little piglet."

Forget your pricey yoga retreats, those crystals charging up on the window sill, some battler high ropes team-building course or shitting your pants during an ayahuasca ceremony.

If you want to find true inner peace and confidence in the ability to enjoy your own company, you just gotta hit up some solo dining, my furry friends.

There is something extremely liberating and invigorating about taking that initial plunge to indulge in some ME time in the way of slurping up a sloppy feed at ya favourite spot or branching out with something new.

In 2022 with the state of overstimulation and the shit show couple of years everyone has had, it's imperative to run up some self-care.

With solo dining, you’re not on anyone's clock but your own, you're not ordering share platters for that annoying mate who always gets food envy, there is no "mate, I forgot my wallet".

There’s no judgement, there’s no pressure for small talk when your social battery is drained, but mostly, there is no chance of coming away from a solo dining experience without growing as a person.

It’s amazing what an hour of disconnection from the real world can do to your mental well-being and clarity. Take a breath team.

Grommie from the 966 text machine says:

“Once a week I take myself for a treat, dinner, a movie or something fun. Super important for yourself. Been doing it for years.

As mentioned above, you could miss out on some amazing experiences purely off the back of not wanting to venture out of your comfort zone.

Solo dining is an empowering stepping stone to moving on to things like heading out to gigs, festivals or events on your lonesome.

With solo dining, you’re not being thrown into a huge social gathering where you feel the need to try to connect with others around you. It's just you, your tucker and your stained white shirt you grubby little piglet.

A meal alone can also be a space to find some solace. As we found out when Nev got in touch on 966:

“My partner died 4 years ago and I am so used to going out by myself particularly for lunch at a cafe. Because I support local, I went to Joe's today and spent an hour over a chicken salad. Probably sounds boring but it ain't. If I'm not reading news etc,  I am talking to the staff or people watching. Soo relaxing…"

So I now put it to you, make space in your life for an hour every week or so for a date night with yourself.

Take the leap, challenge yourself to get out of that comfort zone and experience the pure bliss of ordering a third helping of prawn and pork dumplings with no one to bat an eyelid at ya.

Unwind, recharge, decompress.