Lads stranded after stag do in Amsterdam buy bikes, cycle home to UK as last resort
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Lads stranded after stag do in Amsterdam buy bikes, cycle home to UK as last resort

We can't even get off the couch after a night out - solid stuff guys.

A group of 14 absolute geezers had to resort to biking back home from Amsterdam as a last resort after a stag do weekend.

After the party was finished, feeling like a bunch of dust mites, the fourteen fellas rocked up to the airport hoping for an easy plane ride home. However, after a couple hours of waiting in line, it was announced that their flight was cancelled.

They attempted to rent some cars to get home but were shit out of luck in that department as well. Eventually, they decided to hop on the train, and then a ferry to get them back to the UK.

On the train ride over they found out that the ferry was not allowing foot passengers due to health and safety reasons.

We would have called it here to be honest, far too much admin for a dusty day

Ever the soldiers, the team hatched a plan. They decided to get bikes for the ferry, as that would technically mean they are no longer foot passengers.

During stopovers in Brussels and Lille, the boys got to work. Using Facebook Marketplace and local shops, they spent 1,540 Euros and secured the bikes, all in one afternoon. 

Alex Sisan, the groom-to-be, told LadBible he spent a fair amount of time and effort getting the wheels. 

"I was on Facebook Marketplace for two hours, with the pin location set to Lille, trying to arrange to buy some of these bikes. They ranged from €40 - to €220!"

What an effort from the lads, inspirational stuff. 

They only managed to secure 13 bikes, which meant one fella was left out. Luckily, a legendary couple let the last man into their car so he could get on the ferry.

Eventually, the troops succeeded in their mission and got back home, a full 12 hours after their flight was cancelled.

A legendary story we’re sure the lads will be telling for the rest of time. Godspeed gentlemen, Godspeed.