Netsky raves about NZ's 'special' love for DnB, says Kiwis most 'festie-ready' people
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Netsky raves about NZ's 'special' love for DnB, says Kiwis most 'festie-ready' people

The Belgian-born DJ superstar chatted to us ahead of his set at Tomorrowland.

By Fiona Connor
Belgian DJ superstar Netsky says "there's something in the water" when it comes to New Zealander's relationship with drum and bass music. 

Speaking to George FM ahead of his recent set at Tomorrowland, he was fizzing about how DnB continues to be "a part of life" for so many Kiwis in a way that is unique compared with anywhere else in the world. 

"In New Zealand, you get so many people loving drum and bass - like tradies on construction sites listening to drum and bass - that doesn't happen anywhere else - but it's not just them, it's not just one tier of the public," he said. 

It's thanks to Netsky our homegrown talent Montell2099 and Sachi were called up at Tomorrowland this year. 

He said: "Montell2099 and Whats So Not, Siren, Sachi - so many incredible artists playing this weekend and next weekend, it's amazing to see that presence at Tomorrowland.

"The one common factor about the artists on our stage that I respect so much is just you have to believe in yourself and they have that." 

He won't take all the credit though, he says the responsibility was shared among a team of people to create 'Netsky and Friends' this year which commanded the Crystal Garden stage over the weekend. 

Netsky raves about NZ's 'special' love for DnB, says Kiwis most 'festie-ready' people

"I want to point towards the amazing team behind this festival, they designed the best Tomorrowland ever this year," he said.

"Everything is just next level, including the stage we are playing on. Hats off to them, it doesn't happen anywhere in the world they do it." 

Netsky reckons Kiwis are among the most "festival-ready" people in the world - and says the mega-gig isn't something to be missed. 

"It's is a magical place, I love this festival with a passion, I think the people that run it are in it with their hearts, every year I am blown away by the production, by the people and by the feeling you get.”