New hangover-stopping pill that breaks down alcohol has hit UK shelves
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New hangover-stopping pill that breaks down alcohol has hit UK shelves

People have called it a "game-changer" and a "must-have" - but does it actually stop the dust?

A new anti-hangover pill that touts itself as the “first product in history to break down alcohol effectively” is ready to buy in the UK

We’ve heard of so many hangover cures before, whether they be specially designed ‘diffuser’ or a weird concoction brewed together in a dingy flat kitchen somewhere in Dunedin. 

So what makes this wonder pill - called Myrkl - different from the others, and does it do the job?

Sophie Morris from iNews tested the pill and wrote about her experience with it.

She said that after a couple of glasses of wine, the pill stopped her from feeling as drunk as she normally would, so, naturally, she finished the whole bottle.

After a solid eight-hour sleep, she awoke feeling great, which she found ‘unsettling’. 

"I can’t help feeling I must be kicking the consequences down the line," she said. 

Turns out that she did kick those consequences, reporting a ‘mild headache’ by midday. So, is the pill more of a dust-delayer than a dust-denier? 

Here's what science has to say.

Before hitting shelves, Myrkl completed a legit study which involved 24 healthy young adults taking either two Myrkl pills or two placebo pills. They then drank alcohol and had their blood tested over the next two hours. 

Researchers found that the amount of alcohol in the blood of Myrkl-takers was 70% lower than those who took the placebo. Making it the first product that is scientifically proven to stop hangovers. 

Technically the pill stops you from getting as drunk as you normally would after a certain amount of brewskis, which in turn stops you from getting dusty, rather than straight-up preventing the hangover - which is by design.

The CEO of Myrkl, Håkan Magnusson, told LadBible, that the pill is for the casual drinker, rather than those who wanna smash back a coffin of Billy Mavs for a night out. 

“Myrkl’s purpose is to help those regular moderate drinkers to wake up feeling their best the next day, whether they're a busy working professional, young parents, or seniors who want to maintain an active social life.”

So there you have it. The pill works to make sure a few brews doesn’t fuck you up the next morning, but it won’t help you after a crate-day kinda night.  Stick to the flat debrief combined with a blue Powerade and steak and cheese pie for that one.