Conor McGregor is looking for a professional partier to work for him
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Conor McGregor is looking for a professional partier to work for him

'How was work?' 'Ah the boss put me in a chokehold'.

UFC superstar Conor McGregor is looking to hire a ‘Proper Ambassador’ to work for his whiskey brand ‘Proper no. Twelve’. 

The job is pretty much getting paid for being a loose unit. You’ll be spending 8 hours a day pumping tunes, playing pong, hitting the town, and just straight up having a good time and yeah, Conor McGregor will be your boss. 

The job will genuinely involve partying, as well as running the ‘Proper No. Twelve social media channels, host live fight-night viewings, mix the whiskey at events, and help out with the brand's merch.

“Got hustle and heart? Good. You’ll need it. We’re looking for an ambassador, not just any ambassador, the Proper Ambassador who’ll be reporting to Conor McGregor.”

“This is a full-time position for a heavy hitter ready to unlock their full potential. You’ll take over our social channels, pour and preach our whiskey around the country, host epic events, transform our merch lines, and so much more.”

“We’re not looking for MBAs or Ivy League preppies. We want underdogs, ready to step up and show the world what liquid gold is made of.”

Unfortunately, you have to be able to work in the USA so, unless you got a visa, New Zealanders are out of the running. That’s a damn shame because we’ve got to be some of the best partiers in the world (no bias). 

You can still play your part in helping Conor out though. ‘Proper No. Twelve’ are leaving the hiring process up to the people. 

Applicants can post a video with the hashtag #GETAPROPERJOB showing off why they would be the “perfect Proper Ambassador”. Anyone can then vote for their favourite possible proper ambassador (say that quickly ten times). 

I’m sure there’ll be some legends and battlers posting under the hashtag so I’ll keep an eye on it and have some fun with the voting.