Drug Dealers in the UK are giving discounts to customers as a tribute to The Queen
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Drug Dealers in the UK are giving discounts to customers as a tribute to The Queen

Everyone mourns in their own way.

UK drug dealers have recognised their nation’s mourning and offered discounts to their customers to compensate for the loss of Her Majesty. 

The passing of Queen Elizabeth II has seen British civilians, companies, and figures - from the famous bakery Greggs to the beloved bear Paddington - mourn the loss of their leader of over seventy years, and dealers are no different. 

Less than thirty minutes after the news of The Queen’s death was announced, a tweet was posted showing a text someone got from their plug announcing a “queen’s dead discount on everything”. 

Vice managed to get their hands on more screenshots as well as interview some of the customers of the royally discounting dealers.

An empathetic dealer checked in on how their loyal customers felt after Lizzy kicked the bucket. 

“Are you feeling upset or feeling down with the sad news about the Queen's death? Then don’t hesitate to contact me, I’m about until 1 am!” they said before offering a sale for a gram of coke for 96 quid to align with The Queen’s 96 years of life. 

One of the customers that Vice interviewed said that the deal was pretty crap as it was only 4 pounds off the usual price. 

“It’s a pretty shit offer in all honesty. It’s normally £100,” he said.

screenshot of dealer offering discount Credit: Vice World News

Having a King is something we’re all going to have to get used to, but one dealer was ready to welcome King Charles as their new monarch. 

“Rip to r liz she’s wiv r di now and all that,” they started the text with (I’m not fluent in UK dealer-nese but I think that’s a reference to Princess Diana). 

“Got the King Charlie ready for you all and I’m about all weekend,” they continued before listing prices. 

screenshot of dealer offering King Charlie Credit: Vice World News

As to why this is happening, Vice also interviewed a director of drug policy, Paul North, and he said that drug dealers are doing it to make their hustle feel more legit. 

“The death of the Queen is being used to create the feeling they are people running a legitimate business,” he said. “It makes the whole process of buying drugs feel a bit more normal, because every social media feed or TV channel is mentioning the queen.”

Everyone mourns in their own special way. Whether it be offering discounts or capitalising on those discounts, there’s no wrong way to deal with the loss of a constant presence that was around since the 50s. 

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