These loose bathrooms at an Ibiza nightclub have a DJ and a pumping dancefloor
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These loose bathrooms at an Ibiza nightclub have a DJ and a pumping dancefloor

So many filthy drops at this spot.

Ibiza is about partying, plain and simple, which is why we were stoked (but not exactly surprised) to find out there’s a club over on that Spanish island where the bathroom is a packed d-floor. 

Hi Ibiza is the name of the spot. With a capacity of 5,500, it’s the biggest nightclub in Ibiza, probably because it leaves no place ‘un-d-floored’. 

Check out the bathroom/raveroom - called ‘The Wild Corner’ below. 

Talk about convenience. No matter what kind of business you do in a nightclub bathroom, being able to go from cutting shapes to the cubicle in two steps is the stuff dreams are made of. 

DJMag voted Hi Ibiza the number one club in the world for 2022 (O’Hagens robbed) with the bathroom undoubtedly playing a part. 

They mentioned that “big-name guests often drop in [to The Wild Corner] for unannounced DJ sets” - I did some digging and they were not lying. 

Idris Elba, who has been known to get behind the decks, once went B2B with MK - the guy behind smash hit ‘17’ - of all people. 

Legendary DJ Fatboy Slim has also made an appearance in the groovy lavatories. The ‘Ibiza Bible’ Facebook page posted a video of him controlling the crowd like the master that he is. 

Yann Pissenem, the CEO and Founder of the company that runs the nightclub says that Hi Ibiza is just built for anyone to come and party in. 

“Hi Ibiza is a venue where everyone is welcome,” he told DJ Mag. “From locals to seasoned clubbers and everyone that has love for the music and the island.”

“We want people to dance, smile, feel free and go home rejuvenated.”

And nothing says feeling free like taking a leak on the dancefloor.