We investigated if the viral video of a guy cutting the power to a festie is real
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We investigated if the viral video of a guy cutting the power to a festie is real

It's been making the rounds online again, but is it even real?

A viral video of a dude supposedly cutting the power to a festival because he didn't get let in has resurfaced again, and we have questions.

Did he really do it because he didn’t get let in? Was it even a festival he shut down? And what was he saying? We investigated this pressing issue so you don’t have to.

First of all, here’s the clip that's going viral in case you haven’t seen it. 

Seems like a good yarn and it looks legit enough to pass. At first glance, the festival does look like a festival, and he sounds petty enough to do it.

However, comments on the internet and a further investigation found that this whole story about a petty man taking revenge on people who didn’t let him in to the festival is a SHAM.

Russian-speaking internet users whose algorithm has sent this video their way have been kind enough to translate what the bloke is saying in the video, and it’s a simple story of a man struggling to slumber. 

A comment on the full two-minute video of the debacle provides a translation. According to the YouTube commenter, and corroborated by other commenters, the man says the following in the video. 

“This is what you should do when you want to sleep. Look, guys, there is, the fish of my dreams,” he starts - ‘fish of my dreams’ is a saying in Russia with a similar meaning to ‘this is my magnum opus’. 

He continues, “Now I’ll set everything right, (singing) All I need is your loooOove tonight (x2). One, two, three! Lights off! Fuck yeaaaa, now we observe their reaction.”

For a guy who’s trying to get some sleep, what he’s saying and how he’s saying it is completely believable. 

So, we’ve discovered this isn’t a case of a scorned festie lover seeking revenge on festiegoers that partied without him, but, is the festival even a festival?

Judging from the previously mentioned two-minute video, no, not even close. 

Check out this video from around the 1:30 mark.

It looks a lot more like a random bar that’s near his house. Some comments say it’s a neighbour's party that has gone on for too long, others say it's a wedding party he didn’t get invited to. 

We will never know what kind of party it is, but, if that bar is the same place as the OG video, we know for sure that it’s not a festival. 

Another example of not believing everything you see on the internet, and perhaps another lesson, let your neighbours know how long you’re going to go for, even invite them, when you decide to host.