Jake Paul squares up with Andrew Tate in cringey fight 'negotiation' vid
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Jake Paul squares up with Andrew Tate in cringey fight 'negotiation' vid

This would be a match to watch.

Jake Paul and Andrew Tate are in negotiations for a fight after a stand-off between the internet's two most controversial personalities. 

Sharing a clip of the two meeting face-to-face, Paul wrote to Twitter: "Negotiations."

Tate and Paul have recently been having a bit of  back and forth, although, in his usual style,  Paul has riddled the internet with trash talk branding Tate's followers as "virgins."

Earlier this year, he also criticised the former Big Brother contestant's catchphrase, "what colour is your Bugatti?" while speaking to his brother Logan on the ‘Impaulsive’ podcast.

Paul said: "I just think it’s funny that the ‘Top G’ is a fanboy. He runs with this whole thing like 'what colour is your Bugatti?'"

"Andrew, it’s not cool to tell kids that they need a Bugatti to be cool."

But the bad blood isn’t one-sided, with Tate saying that Paul needed a "reality check" back in 2021 and offered $3 million (NZD $4.9 million) to fight.

I wouldn’t need that much of a cheque to get me in the ring.

Then the internet's most controversial man posted a video to Twitter saying: "Jake Paul, it’s clear to me you are desperate for a reality check. Let me explain something to you about combat sports…”

"There are a whole bunch of men out here who will never be as famous as you, will never make the money you’ve made, who would kick the living f**k out of you.”

He added: “I’m one of the lucky ones. I made a little bit of money. I don’t have 50 million to bet with you, but I do have 3 million to bet with you."

Well, if Paul's most recent video is any indication, fans might actually get to see these two in the ring 

And there appears to be a good deal