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K Motionz has blessed our ears teasing 3 tracks and it's up to you to decide which one he drops

Why not all three? Surely...

We’re due for some new tunes from K Motionz and the man has come through with some epic snippets teasing what’s to come.

Posting to Instagram, the UK producer/DJ shared short snippets of three tracks that he has up his sleeve and of course we want them all.

He captioned the post: “Right sooo which track do you guys want out next?! Comment 1, 2 or 3. I’ll make it happen & it’ll be out this month”

Of course, all three sound bloody epic and I’m already prepping my ears for an absolute pounding of new hits this festy season - but only one can be released this month and that is all up to you.

The first option K Motionz presents us with is titled ‘Only You’ featuring Emily Makis and ooft those vocals make for an epic festy sing-along.

One commenter chucked his vote in the mix: “Defo no1 100% this tune will make history!!”

Second is a collab with Comma Dee and the beats are out of this world. 

Even the Sachi boys agree writing: “Number 2 is insane,” alongside some fire emojis.

Third in the lineup is a remix of Justin Timberlake’s ‘Rock Your Body’. Perfect for your summer pres.

“PLSSSS ROCK YOUR BODY,” wrote one fan - do you reckon she’s keen on the track?

I mean, with all those tunes going hard there’s no doubt they’ll all be a success, but some people are struggling to pick a favourite.

“How are u making us choose between those? That’s torture,” wrote one undecided fan.

Another cheekily suggested, “onetwothree please!!!”

And of course, our very own GeorgeFm Drive Insta had to leave a comment simply saying “yes.”

By the looks of the comment section, the Comma Dee track seems to be the fan favourite as of right now, but that could all change now that you’ve had a listen. 

Either way, we’ll be beyond stoked for whichever track K Motions chucks our way and I'll be blasting it on my playlist all summer - that’s a promise!