George | Ohakune legend Helen is selling Captain Kune's
George | Ohakune legend Helen is selling Captain Kune's
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Our good mate and Ohakune legend Helen is selling her Captain Kune’s Fish ‘n’ Chips shop

"Have a Captain Kune’s day motherf***er!’”

In some tough-to-hear news, Helen, owner of the legendary Captain Kune’s in Ohakune, will be selling the fish ‘n’ shop. 

She talked to General Lee and Tammy on the George Breakfast show about what’s happening - watch the full convo above. 

“Well, I’m selling Captain Kune’s,” she told them straight up. 

As to why, she said that the lack of a ski season means there’s a lack of certainty around whether there will actually be enough customers to maintain a business, and that makes it too stressful to continue. 

“Honestly, there’s a lot of businesses that are struggling in town. I mean there’s a lot of talk at the moment about ‘is the mountain closing down full stop? Are we going to have another season like this? Are they actually even going to open?’”

“So I don’t wanna go down that road again, a lot of stress - you know what I mean?”

helen pictured with geroge fm car

Despite the sad news, Helen seemed to be in good spirits, letting the boys know the one and only thing she’ll find tough to leave behind. 

“The only thing I’m going to miss is saying: ‘You enjoy and have a Captain Kune’s day motherfuckerrrrr!’”

Over the years we’ve enjoyed plenty of great times at Captain Kune’s, indulging in the cheesie weesies, the ‘fresh’ battered Hoki, and the stoner’s paradise, all while enjoying all of Helen’s ‘f’, ‘s’, and ‘c’ bombs. 

Last year Brook hopped on the tools at the classic Kiwi shop for some work experience. He and Helen hit smoko immediately and enjoyed yelling “enjoy and have a Captain Kune’s day motherfucker!” at anyone passing by. 

Give that a watch below. 

General Lee visited a few years before that and gave a bit of a rundown on how stuff goes down at Kune’s. He had a munch on the top selling ‘cheesie weesies’ and even had a bite of the incredible looking ‘stoner’s paradise’ - a deep-fried jam roll with a Whittaker’s sante bar injected in the middle. 

Have a geez of that below as well.