Flume & Toro Y Moi drop unreal cover of Bag Raider’s ‘Shooting Stars' and it gets fkn weird
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Flume & Toro Y Moi drop unreal cover of Bag Raider’s ‘Shooting Stars' and it gets fkn weird

Like seriously weird.

Flume and Toro Y Moi have just dropped an absolutely bonkers cover to Bag Raider’s ‘Shooting Stars’, and it ends up in the strangest place possible. 

Appearing on Triple J's ‘Like A Version’, the remix starts off innocently enough. Flume just holds up a CD with the ‘Bag Raiders Shooting Stars (Flume Remix)’ written on it, inserts it into a single CDJ, and then stands there as Toro Y Moi gracefully starts singing. 

Like I said, innocent enough. Flume does pick up a saxophone around ninety seconds in and lets it rip. I had no idea that Flume could get the sax going but you learn something new every day I guess. But after that, pure madness ensues. I don’t wanna spoil anything but there is no way in a million years you’ll guess what the fuck happens. 

Give it a watch below. 

See what I mean? 

Flume, real name Harvey Streten, sat down with Triple J to try and explain what went on in that studio. 

We’ll get to the muscle-pumping guys first. 

“‘Shooting Stars’, we turned it into something that was kind of ravey and it was really fun to kind of take it there and then once we did take it there we were like ‘what’s a fun performance idea?’,” he explained. 

“And we just got chatting, me and Chaz [Toro Y Moi] and one of us said we should get just dudes, just ripped dudes. To me, hardstyle and ripped dudes, it's a perfect harmony.”

Can’t argue with that I guess.

As to why he chose ‘Shooting Stars’ in particular to remix, Harvey said he’s owned the EP since he was a kid and just thinks the sound of it is so beautiful (and it’s by a fellow Australian artist). 

“I just can’t believe no one had done it yet to be honest,” he said. “I bought that EP when I was like 12 or something.”

“That track in particular is just a great hook. The lead line is just so - it’s the most beautiful chord and melody combo. That doesn’t happen often,” he said before explaining that both he and Toro wanted to change things up to make sure their cover was a memorable one. 

“We both kind of felt like we were a bit uninspired like, ‘how can we take this somewhere different?’ and I think Chaz was like ‘Maybe we could make it into a higher BPM, make it like dance music, really fast like gabber, like hardstyle,” he explained. 

“We bumped the BPM up - it was like 125 and we took it to 155 and it already felt better. I switched the synth up and messed around with the structure as well.”

“We’ve redone it, re-imagined it, took it to the club. That’s what we did, took it to the club. It also just feels like the kind of music that you want to just like muzz out to.”

That it is Flume, that it is.