Hidden Valley and Hidden Lakes are bringing Boiler Room back
Our own Sin will be hitting the Boiler Room stage
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Sin to do a Boiler Room set when the iconic music sessions come to two NZ festies this summer

How fkn good!?

The one and only Boiler Room is coming back to Aotearoa this summer and our very own Sin Howard will be smashing out a set for them. How good?

Hidden Valley and Hidden Lakes festival will both be hosting the iconic online music broadcaster come the end of December. Both festies made the announcement on their socials this morning. 

Sin said she is stoked to be getting amongst another edition of Boiler Room NZ and keen to add a bit of NZ flavour to the Boiler legacy through her house tunes. 

"Absolutely mad to be involved in Boiler Room's return to Aotearoa,” she said.

“From Kaytranada to Honey Dijon at Sugar Mountain and now lil ol' Sin. Hope to bring a bit of sunshine to the dancefloor, connect with house music lovers around the world and show them what NZ has to offer.”

Let’s friggin gooooo!

Both festivals said in a statement that they are keen as to bring the real Boiler Room to Kiwi audiences, who will be up close and personal with the DJs during their sets. 

“Hidden Valley & Hidden Lakes Festival are proud to announce that they will be partnering with Boiler Room to deliver Boiler Room stages at both festivals,” they said.

“The Boiler Room team from the UK will be in NZ to exclusively host and broadcast at each festival. The stage promises to be an immersive experience giving the festival goer the chance to get up close with their favourite DJs.”

As I’m sure you know, Boiler Room has delivered some of the best sets of all time. This year we had Fred Again’s transcendent, hour-long mix when he was in London, which is now the most-viewed Boiler Room of all time. 

Kaytranada, as Sin mentioned, has another fan favourite Boiler Room set from when he was in Montreal back in 2022. 

Here’s to some Kiwis joining them in Boiler Room history this summer.