Croatia’s Hospitality on the Beach festie just dropped one of the most loaded DnB lineups ever
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Croatia’s Hospitality on the Beach festie just dropped one of the most loaded DnB lineups ever

Kiwis MC Tali and Elipsa even feature on the lineup more stacked than Jenga.

Hospitality on the Beach, a week-long drum and bass festival in Croatia, has just released its lineup for 2023 and I honestly don’t know if it can be more stacked.

Andy C, Wilkinson, AMC, Camo & Crooked, Kings of the Rollers, Goddard, and S.P.Y are some of the biggest names on the list but it is absolutely chock-a-block with so much more unreal talent (and there’s even more to be announced). 

To top things off, MC Tali and Elipsa will be repping Aotearoa on the lineup, great stuff. 

As if that lineup wasn’t enough of a selling point already, the fact that it takes place on a secluded beach is just the cherry on top of the raver’s pie. Just have a read of this description on the festival’s website and try not to scream ‘get me round!’. 

“Expect days spent under Croatia's blissful blue skies, floating in crystal clear waters all while taking your pick of the full spectrum of D&B spread across our four incredible stages, just a stone's throw away from each other. “

Reviews by former festival-goers align with the visions of an incredible time the festie describes. 

“The sense of unity experienced between the people from all over the world who had come together in celebration of the music they love was just incredible,” says one review. 

“The craziest boat parties ever to set sail this side of the equator,” said another.

Hospitality on the Beach kicks off on the fourth of July in Tisno, Croatia. So if you want to skip a bit of Kiwi winter for a huge beach party here’s your answer, just be willing to cough up around NZ$350 for tickets, even more if you want accommodation. 

I’d ask you to send vids if you’re going but not sure the FOMO would be worth it.