Fred Again makes it to Wellington safe and sound, is greeted by a bunch of Kiwi fans
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Fred Again makes it to Wellington safe and sound, is greeted by a bunch of Kiwi fans

Fred (found his way to new zealand)

Fred Again has touched down in New Zealand's capital after "trying" to get in yesterday, instead being stuck in Australia. 

Turns out Fred's flight from Syndey to Wellington was delayed for six hours, according to his stories. Rather than moping round in the airport, Fred decided to see the sights of Sydney. 

"We're all actually totally blown away by how beautiful this is," he said of the city. He even called his good mate Skrillex to try and convince the dubstep don to come down under. 

Fred Again Instagram stories of him in Sydney. Credit:

Eventually, the delay was over and Fred said Sydney was a "vibe. But he seemed way more hyped to be on the way to Welly (suck it Australia), saying that he's "finally on the wayyyyyyyyy." To top things off he took a classic Insta pic out the window of the plane as it's taking off. 

Fred Again Instagram stories of delay being over. Credit:

Finally, he made it to Welly, landing at 1am and, judging by his rampant use of emojis, feeling a bit loopy. Waiting for him was a bunch of dedicated fans ("absolute beautiesssssss" as Fred calls them) who he snapped a pic with.

Shoutout to the girl with the "Fred (i found you)" sign - that's good tucker.

Fred Again Welly stories Credit:

According to his stories it was hectic week of travel, starting with leaving LA on Wednesday (NZT) and making to Aotearoa just a couple days later. Champion. 

Fred is set to play at Wellington's Shed 6 on Saturday before making his way up to Auckland to headline the soldout Laneway Festival at Western Springs Stadium the very next day.