'Aw gummon': Police Ten 7 has been scrapped, so here's all the most legendary moments
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'Aw gummon': Police Ten 7 has been scrapped, so here's all the most legendary moments

“… always blow on the pie."

The long-running Kiwi TV show ‘Police Ten 7’ is wrapping up and leaving our screens after a good 20-year stint.

The show which was recently renamed ‘Ten 7 Aotearoa’ is packing away the cameras after a whopping 750 episodes and all we have left to remember it by are the golden moments from loose Kiwis out on the streets.

Here are a few of the most hilarious moments.

Of course, our first pick has to be the words of the then-Sergeant Guy Baldwin: “… always blow on the pie." We’ll never forget that!

Would you try to get yourself arrested just to get a quick cameo on tele? Who knows what this person was thinking when they tried to admit to a whole bunch of cooked crimes they didn't commit?

Or, would you brave it in front of your mates and then ask the cop to wipe your tears in the backseat like this poor fella?!

Aw gummon, who could forget one of the classic Kiwi quotes to come from the show?

Almost one thousand crimes, including serious assaults and homicides, have been resolved thanks to information from ‘Ten 7’ viewers.

However, TVNZ said the show has failed to garner enough ratings to continue.

Deputy Commissioner Jevon McSkimming told Today FM: "It’s part of New Zealand television history and, as one of the most frequently viewed shows, it’s served as a vital investigative tool.

"We’re incredibly proud that the programme was fronted by our very own Police officers. But successful policing is not done in isolation; it requires the trust and support of the public. 

After 20 years on screens and 750 episodes, the show will wrap up with a special celebration of 20 years of 'Ten 7 — which will run on TVNZ from 13 April.