'Super euphoric': Lee Mvtthews told us about their new tune 'Perfect Sky', which is out now
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'Super euphoric': Lee Mvtthews told us about their new tune 'Perfect Sky', which is out now

Featuring Futurebound and Asha, the track is a "smashing release"

The Lee Mvtthews boys just dropped their new song 'Perfect Sky' and told us all about it. 

Tom called the track, which features UK Dj Futurebound and Asha on vocals, "super euphoric" and I've gotta agree, not to mention it's got that signature Lee Mvtthews sound. 

Tom added it's been in the works for around seven months and is stoked it's been released with a big record label. 

"We caught up with Brendan (Futurebound) when he was in the country last, around Mardi Gras time (late July-ish last year)," he told Lee and Tammy. "We had a day in the studio which formulated the idea and we’ve been working on the track digitally ever since, so just sending things back and forward. It sort of jumped the queue a bit.”

"It’s gonna be a smashing release. It’s super euphoric and to go out on Viper Recordings as well, is a big deal.”

The fellas also said they've got an album in the works but there's a bit to do before that drops. 

"'Perfect Sky' is just a standalone," Graham said. "We had a couple of things we wanted to tee off before we rolled out with the album. We’ve got a remix dropping next month."

 “Anything that was in association with another artist or artists, we just wanted to get that done before we started rolling out our album because that’s a lot of hard work and dedication to the one project.”

As for what's gonna happen after the album, the boys said they're keen to "do a bit of groundwork" in Australia before trying to conquer Europe.

“I’m probably gonna make my way over there [London] this year," Tom said. "We’re sort of at a stage where we’ve got a couple pencils. We wanna go over and strengthen connections because it’s not what you know it’s who you know. So it’ll be a bit of that, and if those pencils come to pen I think Graham will also make his way over."

Tonight Lee Mvtthews are performing at a charity gig at Christchurch's town hall to raise money for Cyclone Gabrielle victims before playing at Electric Ave and then heading over to Perth. Busy times for the duo.