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WATCH: RNV finally drop their 2022 aftermovie and it is an absolute doozy

Ol' mate hitting the vape x backwards worm combo is an absolute weapon

The highly anticipated aftermovie for the 2022 edition of Rhythm and Vines is here and it is a doozy full of energy, mates loving each other and some absolute weapons. 

2022 was the 20th anniversary of the summer festival, and the video illustrates that by cutting in film footage of the first-ever R&V and ‘love you bro’ hill is there from day one, making me wonder how many homies have confessed their feelings on that slope. 

It’s a serious banger of a video, giving me goosebumps and making me go full frother for festie season. 

Gisborne, which is home to the festival and the tens of thousands of people that go every year, got the worst of Cyclone Gabrielle.

So, to help out, Rhythm and Vines are directing all their fundraising efforts to ‘The Disaster Relief Trust’, which “is a registered charity, administered by Gisborne District Council, which means every cent goes to the welfare of those recovering from storm events in this region.”

To kick it off they’ll be raffling off $15,000 worth of tickets and prizes to raise funds for Cyclone Gabrielle relief.

A donation or purchase of a $20 raffle ticket will put you in the draw to win one of the prizes, which include “Rhythm and Vines camping and VIP tickets, merchandise, side-of-stage experiences, as well as Endeavour Live festival and concert season pass valued at $2000.” 

If you’ve ever been to R&V you know just how accommodating the Gisborne locals are. Every year they put up with massive lines at every fast food spot in the city, every spot at the beach being taken up, and the goddamn traffic. R&V providing an opportunity to give back to them, and possibly benefit, is immense, so if you can help out, please do.