The Days Of The Week RANKED (OFFICIAL)
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Good Chat

The Days Of The Week RANKED (OFFICIAL)

If you need water cooler chat this week THIS IS IT.

It’s a Monday (spoiler alert, the sixth best day of the week) and I’m desperate to come up with anything that vaguely resembles content - so why not kick off an extremely unimportant debate.

It’s a debate that has been called polarising, confronting and brave. This is the OFFICIAL days of the week power ranking. Please enjoy this mildly coherent dribble (yes I mean dribble and not drivel).


A runaway winner. Although Saturday seems an obvious choice due to its potential as a blank canvas, Friday takes top spot for its balanced approach. There are few better feelings than knocking off on a Friday, and you get a good mix of work and play - you do the mahi AND get the treats.

Everyone in the office or on site gets the Friday feeling a.k.a in a silly goofy mood 🤪 If you’re lucky you clock off and head to Friday drinks, giving you a whiff of the boundless opportunities the weekend ahead presents and it acts as the single step that starts a journey of a thousand miles. After 6-8 hours of desk jockeying you feel like you’ve really earned it. Because you have. Enjoy. Best day of the week.


The world is your oyster. Unless you pushed the boat out on Friday. But even then, you pull your socks up, collect your Uber Eats from the doorstep and get back on your way. 

A close second to the Friday feeling is waking up on a Saturday with zero obligations.

Sundays are a bit of a mixed bag - and caused a lot of debate around the office during my rigorous field research.

Sunday mornings are often pretty sweet. If you’re dusty, you’re relieved because you have a whole day to recover. If you aren’t, you’re a box of birds at brunch. Get up. 

(Sunday also gets bonus points because Sunday sessions).

Sunday evening is where things get tricky. The sun is going down and the Sunday scaries are in full effect. You’re literally having an existential crisis. Not all good.

See bracketed point above as a way to solve this. You forget your cares for a few hours, wrap things up around 8 or 9 and because you’ve had a few you’re straight to the cot for the most sleep you’ll get all week.

Honestly you don’t want to know how much heat I copped in the office for putting Tuesday ahead of Thursday but I found it hard to differentiate between the two. So I went subjective. I have touch on a Tuesday and when I don’t have touch I have a pub quiz. Two real highlights. Sue me.

As above, it's tough to separate from Tuesday. Lovingly referred to as Friday Junior, I unfortunately don’t play touch or have pub quiz on this night so it drops down the rankings. Send all complaints to @sinhoward on Instagram.

Shock! Even if you read the first line, you might have thought I was pulling a fast one. Not the case. I actually don’t hate Mondays (obviously). 

I love doing the rounds on a Monday morning and hearing about everyone’s weekend. Not only does it allow me to really ease into my work, it makes me feel way better about myself if someone else had a massive blowout a.k.a a bigger blowout than the inevitable one I most likely had.

Can you tell I’m running out of gas for this yarn?

Dear anyone that says hump day. Grow up. Cheers. You’ve single handedly ruined the Wednesday of sooooo many people and I hope you feel bloody awful about it.

That’s it. That’s the list. Argue in the comments that I won’t be reading/will most likely be automatically hidden for containing swear words.