TikTok gyms bro are eating dog food ‘for the gains’ and their reactions are golden
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TikTok gyms bro are eating dog food ‘for the gains’ and their reactions are golden

Feeding that DAWG in them.

Gym bros are a different breed, we like to say that, but it's really happening now - they're turning into dogs.

After discovering that dog food is immensely packed with protein, a few gym fiends on TikTok have been devouring it like a pup whose owner’s just got back from a long weekend. 

The bulk bloke who’s gone the most viral from the canine cuisine is Henry Clarisy, AKA HenryFit. After sharing a video showing the amount of protein packed in a bowl of dog food (666 grams), Henry brokered a deal with his viewers: If he got 15,000 likes he’d smash a bowl of the stuff. He ended up with 2.5 million likes. 

And he held up his end of the deal. In his next TikTok, he bought a big ol’ bag of Kibbles ‘n Bits, poured it into a bowl and ate it by hand - “for the gains” of course. Milliseconds later his face looks full of regret and his words confirm the feeling. 

“It’s not worth it, I promise you it’s not worth it,” he says as he’s spitting the Kibbles out. 

Henry shared with Buzzfeed News what the protein-packed grub tasted like and I don’t think anyone should be surprised by how he described it. 

“The dog food tasted extremely dry,” he said. “I needed so much water after eating it. Tasted like little pieces of dirt and I definitely don’t think it was worth it. Even though it’s a lot of protein, I’d take steak or protein powder.”

Henry mate, at least you got a bit of internet clout for your Fear Factor-esque efforts. 

A couple of other swole fellas have also filmed themselves eating dog food and posted it online, though they haven't received the millions of likes Henry did (hope it was worth it). At least they're not eating tide pods amirite?