'Mindblowing': A Kiwi DnB head went to the massive Bristol Drum and Bass Bike Event and yooooo
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Good Chat

'Mindblowing': A Kiwi DnB head went to the massive Bristol Drum and Bass Bike Event and yooooo

He told us what it's like to take over a city's streets with thousands of other DnB lovers

Earlier this week DJ Dom Whiting led a huge crowd on bikes through the streets of Bristol, soundtracked by him on the decks. 

One George listener, Jaxon, has just moved to the city and was blessed enough to be one of the thousands of legends getting amongst it on the streets of Bristol. I hit him up to ask him what it was like and by golly whānau it sounds incredible. 

Jaxon could barely comprehend the number of people attending, and it seems like everyone there, following Dom’s lead, were cooking up some magical vibes which spread to those simply passing by.

“The sheer amount of people that we’re getting amongst the event was truly mind blowing,” he said. “I honestly would say there were 2000+ people in a small radius around Dom at all times, with people going in and out, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were 3000 plus.”

“Cars going in the opposite direction couldn’t move, majority of the drivers got amongst it though and were honking their horns. Cops were also getting amongst it, enjoying it,” he added. 

“Everyone was there for a good time and all round day sesh/rave no bad energy just pure enjoyment. Standard chats with one and other just resonating with like minded DnB fans having conversations and just taking it all in really.”

As for the music on offer, Jaxon says Dom covered most of the Drum and Bass spectrum. 

“Set list was diverse to say the least,” he shared. “It really did cater for the majority, he played most sub-genres of DnB throughout the set whilst I was there. Few cheeky remixes and VIPS.”

Jaxon said it was such a movie of a day that he’s gonna make it his priority to get to every Drum and Bass on the Bike he can, and encourages me and everyone else to do the same.

“I’m 100% going to go to all the events possible I can manage to get to,” he promised. “I think it truly is a once in a lifetime experience that should be a desired event to do if you enjoy good music.”

Never thought my bucket list would have the word ‘bike’ on it, but here we are. Shoutout to Jaxon for sharing and getting all of us frothing vicariously.