‘It was worth it’: Vigilante Kiwi nana drives her car into ram raiders' car
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‘It was worth it’: Vigilante Kiwi nana drives her car into ram raiders' car

New NZ superhero unlocked.

In a humble town in the centre of the North Island, justice came in the form of a grandma driving full throttle into another car.

The grandma - who chose to remain anonymous - was going out for a morning coffee in Cambridge when she saw crime was afoot. Ram raiders had hit the local Spark store and there was a getaway car in waiting.

Supernana told herself “It’s not happening”, as reported by Cambridge News, and immediately made a beeline for the getaway vehicle. She was successful in ram-raiding the ram raiders’ ride, crashing into it and damaging both vehicles. 

As soon as the getaway car got the granny treatment, the thieves hot-footed it out of the store. 

“They all came out of Spark like bees from a hive, yelling,” Grandma said. “I tried to reverse but couldn’t, so I hit the car hard again.”

One of the raiders was rocking jandals, which led to a tumble and Grandma getting a view of where the sun doesn’t shine. 

“Builder’s crack - it was hilarious.”

Amidst all the chaos, the thieves had dropped their loot and hopped into their freshly wrecked vehicle. Ol’ granny wasn’t done serving justice though, instead, she opted to go on a high-speed chase. 

She followed her newfound foes while blaring her horn. The cops would have been called, but her phone had fallen down the side of the couch the night before. 

Eventually, she lost sight of the ram raiders and drove back to the scene of the crime. It soon dawned on her that her husband might not be too happy about the state of her car. 

“He arrived and said it was worth it,” Cambridge’s new superhero said. “I’m a grandmother and I work with youth; I do want people to know I’m not a vigilante.”

Cambridge News reports that the ram raiders were eventually tracked down.