'Little Raver': Zedd's Twitter exchange with mum who gave birth during his EDC set is quality
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'Little Raver': Zedd's Twitter exchange with mum who gave birth during his EDC set is quality

Literal A1 since day one baby.

Getting a prime spot in the moshpit is always tough, especially at a festival, but one little raver managed to skip the admin with one simple trick: being born IN the moshpit. 

The genius move occurred during international DJ Zedd’s set at Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) Festival in Las Vegas earlier this week. 

“I heard someone gave birth at the stage DURING MY SHOW,” he tweeted out. “Can someone pls help me find the person? I’d like to reach out!”

Just a couple hours later, the new mother replied to Zedd, with a photo of the newborn raver safe in her arms. 

“It was me,” Cristina Celis tweeted in the replies. 

The ‘Stay’ hitmaker was stoked for Cristina, and glad to be one of the baby's day ones. 

“CONGRATS!!!” he wrote. “So happy you’re both healthy and that I had the honour to be the soundtrack.”

In a series of follow-up tweets, Cristina shared the whole story of what went down. 

“Went into early labour during Zedd’s set on Saturday and had to leave,” she said. “Had a beautiful baby girl. She’s a premie (premature) but is doing amazing. She wanted to have fun with us at the festival.”

“Saw we are missing day three but super happy to have our baby girl safe, happy and healthy with us. Thank you to the first aid team for all your help, you were all super helpful and caring.”

“This was to be our last EDC for the next couple of years. Can’t wait to show our little raver the ways lol.”

After suggestions from many other ravers, Cristina shared that the baby’s middle name is ‘Daisy’, an ode to the festival she was born at. 

Maybe one day you’ll be the parent to a little raver. One with the middle name ‘Rhythm’, who entered this world on ‘Love You Bro’ hill as ‘Afterglow’ blasts in the background. Scenes.