OI: Your parents could help you win free flights for a freaking year so call your mum already
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OI: Your parents could help you win free flights for a freaking year so call your mum already

Cutting shapes on an Ibiza d-floor with Mum and Dad? Priceless.

Call mummy ya goober cause she could be sussing you free flights for a whole year (and coming with you). 

Jetstar’s turning the big 1 - 4 next month and to celebrate, they're letting you travel free of charge for a whole year but the 'rents have got to tag along. 

One lucky winner who shares a throwback Instagram post of their fam on holiday will score 12 domestic and 6 international Jetstar flights for them and their parents.

Jetstar says they interviewed 500 Kiwis and discovered two-thirds of them have stopped holidaying with their parents, most of those by the time they turn 18. Sorry mum and dad, was busy being cool. 

They also found a bunch of other shockingly honest preferences Kiwis have when it comes to travelling with the 'rents (if you’re a parent you probably won’t want to read the rest of the survey results, so be warned).

Apparently, one in three NZers finds sitting next to mum or dad on a flight for more than five hours unbearable, with 30% finding they can’t get alone time when vacaying with the fam. One quarter of Kiwis reckon at least one of their parents is constantly stressing about something. 

A quarter of Kiwis aged 18 - 34 find it cringe when their parents talk to locals of a foreign country. 

It's not all angsty rah-rah teen energy though, one kinda cute finding showed Kiwis love travelling with the 'rents because they get to spend quality time together building memories as they see the world. 

Lots of kids also love that the Bank of Mum and Dad (BOMAD, as I like to call it) is open for business when holidaying. Shouting dinners, paying for the actual travel, and general stuff being bought when overseas were all brought up as benefits of travelling with the 'rents. 

Mums are seen as the better travelling partner as they are “more relaxed”, but dads are still a vibe as they are “more adventurous and more likely to pay for things”.

Despite people usually thinking it's dad who's hustling too much to get to the airport fifty hours early, Kiwis say it's actually mum who likes to get there with extra time to spare - #plottwist.

BOMAD shouting tickets and drinks around the world? Farking sign me up ASAP.