'What A Slob'
Tammy didn't clean Taika Waititi's BBQ
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‘Slob’: Taika Waititi roasted Tammy for borrowing his BBQ and not cleaning it after a big feed

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Taika Waititi is a busy man these days, writing, directing, and starring in big-time Hollywood movies. So, you’d assume when he gets back home here in Aotearoa he’d just want to chillax, hassle-free. Too bad he’s mates with Tammy from George Breakfast. 

Turns out Tammy and the rest of their mates were, with permission, borrowing Taika’s barbeque after hitting the touch field, they just weren’t cleaning it. When Taika found out, he roasted Tammy and the rest of the fellas. 

“When Taika’s back in the country, he’s just up the road from where we play touch and so we just go and borrow his barbeque,” Tammy said to begin his tale. “Anyway, we had a big game of touch and then we had a massive BBQ and uh… bro we didn’t clean his BBQ.”

“We just dragged it back up the road. It was dirty as. We all had a few tins and thought: ‘The bro won’t mind we’ll just chuck it back over his house and just leave it there.'"

“Anyway whanau, he jumped on our chat and this is what he had to say,” Tammy says before playing Taika’s message. 

“From what I can tell it seems to be some keto food,” the Kiwi director says. “Some keto lamb and chicken all wedged in there. Here’s the good thing, it’s sugar-free. What a slob.”

When ol’ mate Taika Waititi, one of Aotearoa’s most successful, well-known, and celebrated talents, is calling you a slob, you’re probably a slob. To be fair, the BBQ was cleaned up after Taika hit the group chat, and the big Hollywood star didn’t seem like he was actually pissed off. 

Taika was also hanging out with the likes of Jason Momoa, Cliff Curtis, and Israel Adesanya a couple of days ago. I wonder if they would clean his barbie after using it?