You can now buy your mate (or enemy) a 'shit in a box' to fundraise for a great NZ cause
Good Chat
Good Chat

You can now buy your mate (or enemy) a 'shit in a box' to fundraise for a great NZ cause

"We’re a nation that loves giving each other sh*t."

Your good deed for the day can be giving your mate a shit gift. 

Kiwi company ‘Give Shit for Good’ is selling ceramic poops in a box, with all proceeds going to Bowel Cancer NZ. It’s not actual faeces (sorry) but the poops are high quality, designed by one of Aotearoa’s ceramic masters, Bob Steiner - so it’s one shit you probably don’t wanna drop. 

Once you buy one, it’ll be gently put in an empty box and you can even chuck a personal note in with it before it's sent off to whoever you want. 

Give Shit For Good decided to do what they’re doing because Kiwis are a bit scared to chat about bowel cancer. 

“Inspired by the fact one in three Bowel Cancer sufferers are too embarrassed to talk about poop to their GP, we are currently on a mission to get the nation sh*t talking to raise money and awareness for Bowel Cancer NZ,” their website reads. 

“Given we’re a nation that loves giving each other sh*t, we’re confident we all can make it happen.”

The designer shit comes in six different colours: The OG (brown), Corn (yellow), Wasabi (green), Splash Back (blue), Eagle (white), and Pink Eye (Pink, duh). 

Obviously, your mates aren’t the only ones you could send the shit to. Ex-partners, school teachers you reckon had it out for you, even family members who deserve a bit of crap. 

If you really wanna cause some shit, you could sign off the note as someone else before sending it off to the intended target. This could either cause beef or maybe your mate just needs a bit of shit wing manning and you could gift it to their crush. 

As far as gift-giving initiatives come, this is one of the more unique ones out there. It is for a great cause and I gotta say, they really do look like quality shits.