'Beautiful': Crowd keeps Fred Again's Primavera set alive after sound cuts out during 'Delilah'
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'Beautiful': Crowd keeps Fred Again's Primavera set alive after sound cuts out during 'Delilah'

"Crowd passed the vibe check".

Fred Again is an EDM planet at this point, and his gravity pulls in the best, most wholesome, parts of the dance music scene. 

During his set at the Primavera festival in Barcelona, the sound suddenly cut riiiight as the drop in ‘Delilah’ hit - a nightmare scenario for any DJ. Luckily, the crowd kept the vibes going and kept on singing along to the tune.

Fred, ever the happy chappy, starts smiling and even dancing along to the crowd. Scenes. 

Commenters on the TikTok are giving all the props to the crowd, and there’s even a couple that were in the audience sharing their perspective on what went down. 

“Crowd passed the vibe check,” wrote one person. 

“This was one of the most beautiful moments of the set,” said another. 

“I was in the crowd and genuinely thought he cut it out to get an acapella run from us for a few bars,” a third person added. “Then it became obvious something was wrong.”

“Sounds like the David Brent office dance scene,” one more wrote, factually (go to 2:45 in the video below). 

Last time the sound cut out during a Fred Again performance (that I can think of anyway) was during his career-changing Boiler Room set. 

About twenty minutes into the set, the crowd is jumping around getting hyped as Fred is playing an unreleased Skrillex collab when some poor bugger accidentally stops one of the decks from playing.

Fred deals with it like a pro, calming the shocked audience member, getting on with the set and even having a quick jump around with him. The show stopper of a bloke was shook, but quickly the crowd forgot about it and kept on grooving. 

Bringing out not only some of the best tunes around but also the best of the crowd is just what Fred Again does.