WATCH: Massive parade of lads sing along to Wii music rave remix in festie campgrounds
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WATCH: Massive parade of lads sing along to Wii music rave remix in festie campgrounds

Stuff of dreams really.

If there’s one place the fellas are guaranteed to be ON, it’s at a festival.

Exhibit A is this incredible herd of lads parading through a festie campground, singing and dancing along to a rave remix of the classic Wii menu music. 

Posted to TikTok by @Snifferino (great name), the musical symphony took place at the DefQon festival in The Netherlands. It’s been viewed nearly 3 million times and has racked up over 330k likes because it’s just that spectacular. 

Commenters are in absolute awe at this display of comradery, musical acumen, and pure childlike joy the blokes are putting on. 

“This is the closest we’ll ever get to world peace,” wrote one person.

“Boys being boys 🙌,” said another. 

“I feel like I would be safe with those dudes,” a third added. “The vibes are just immaculate.”

“It’s been 6 months and they are still going,” one more wrote jokingly. “Passed right by my house. I was tempted to leave all behind and follow, to know freedom and experience - Wii music the way it should be.”

Another group of gents travelling on foot was the group of Christchurch fellas with a taste for adventure and pies who walked over 40km to hit every Coupland's bakery in their hometown. 

One of them (u/biz_byron87) posted the planned route to the New Zealand subreddit under the title ‘The fellowship of the pies. Tomorrow some workmates and I will walk to all Coupland’s Bakeries in Christchurch’

In the description of the post, he writes that they planned to call it “the Couplands Crusade” and that it’s a “follow up of a health and mental awareness challenge” that started at their job last month. 

Pies, exercise, and mental health awareness, not a bad way to spend a weekend. 

When festie season rolls around here in NZ, expect a fierce uptick in not only pie consumption but singalong walkathons.