Jay Bulletproof’s remastered music is up for sale with all proceeds going towards his son
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Jay Bulletproof’s remastered music is up for sale with all proceeds going towards his son

Evan Short of Concord Dawn led the remastering of the tunes, two of which are available now.

Friends of Jay Bulletproof, the late George FM host and New Zealand music legend, have remastered his old music and are putting it up for sale with all proceeds going towards Jay’s son, Zion. 

Named the ‘Bulletproof Remasters’, two tracks will be released on Bandcamp each month from August to December before being made more widely available. Josh Lees, fellow DJ and Jay’s business partner, and Evan Short of Concord Dawn selected and remastered the tunes, respectively. 

Currently, two remastered songs are up for sale on Bandcamp, ‘The Klink’ and ‘The Bends’. You can buy both of them for NZ$6.50 or more. As mentioned before, all the money raised from sales will go towards Jay’s son. 

The blurb on the Bandcamp page provides more details. 

“Jay Bulletproof was a pioneer in the Aotearoa Drum ‘n’ Bass scene,” it reads. “From his first tunes with founding partner Josh Lees, through to his forays into Dubstep and beyond, Jay was a larger-than-life figure in the scene and an inspiration and mentor to many of those who came after.”

“While recording his podcast, 'The History of New Zealand Drum ‘n’ Bass', Jay talked about remastering some of the earliest Bulletproof tracks and giving them a new lease of life. Tragically, Jay died suddenly from a brain haemorrhage in September 2022, leaving behind a slew of unfinished projects, including Bulletproof Remasters.”

“A group of Jay’s friends have now picked up the torch, to finish this project as a tribute not only to a true D’n’B legend but to a good mate.”

“To bring you Bulletproof Remasters, old hard drives were fired up and scoured, DATs were dusted off (some unfortunately snapped), and stories were shared about the best tunes worthy of a 2023 overhaul. Selected by Bulletproof co-founder Josh Lees and remastered by Evan Short from the original DAT tapes and WAV files, Bulletproof Remasters features 10 of the best Drum ‘n’ Bass tracks from Aotearoa’s history.”

Jay was a legend and his loss was felt greatly here at George FM. The two tracks released are bangers, so, if you can, do yourself and Jay’s legacy a favour by purchasing them.